Poetry by Elise



I search for you
where they wait to be fed.
Through the emptiness
of a crowded square.

There are beggars in doorways,
actors in cafés.
I have seen their mouths
fill like starved refugees.

But I am not from that world.

I wait outside like Lazarus
for crumbs.



Is there something
there amongst
    the dust
that could bring you back?

something un-missed,
face to face, eyes
to longing eyes -

which could have
foretold by chance
that place your
beauty holds

or is it in desperation
to your
I find myself so

Is this
the way roses bend
before the pierce
of thorn?

Or is this the pain
as love
returns to dust.


The Score


I read your score in the lamp light
of a cold winter's evening, when the fire
is warm and I am comfortable with myself.

It is easy to reach your thoughts in this mood.
A hint of remorse, a shade of regret, a soul

Your voice in each note easing through
- like a tempo slowly shifting.
Your melody - some faded lament, inspires
this mind to question -

To find something in the shadows.
Something beyond the light. The crackle
of an open fire, the comfort of a warm room.

I keep you here upon this wheel, and
let your body flow - like a vinyl etched
and a needle drifting.


Paradise, the new poetry collection by Elise. (Please see Products page for more details)

Journey into the world of metaphysical romanticism and be absorbed and experience the depths and emotions of the deepest and most profound passions of the soul.


'Paradise' captures love eloquently, delicately, passionately. Within its pages Elise evokes tender and ravishing images. It is heartening to see a young poet like Elise, follow in the wake of our beloved poets - bringing us sighs and moments and visions to savour.

Carmen Willcox - Poet and author

Elise's style is heart stirring, in the subtlest sense of this. As familiar as I am with Sappho and the fragments of her poetry in ancient Aeolic Greek I can tell you with assurance that Sappho's very spirit seems to suffuse and illuminate Elise's poetry... which I would never say about any other modern, 21st. century poet!

Richard Vallance - Poet and editor of Sonetto Poesia Canada

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  • "Once in a while your, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Poetry gives us a fairy tale, your poetry is so beautiful, it keeps my fairy tale alive to be true!"
    So Beautiful
  • "As far as it goes, you are a gorgeous Romantic poet. I found connotations to your poems and the pre Raphaelite paintings, where the notion of Paradise and angels has been evoked."
    Roland Bastien
    Poet/ Artist/ Musician (Canada)