Poetry by Elise

Etch (from Opium Valentines)


And now it is silence,
it was always so,
a silence that haunts

my raging fists
to beat upon
the window

to grasp and choke,
to stifle life -

as I must now
defeated lay
in these rooms of
moss bleak Winters
and sleep the endless
- of nothingness

until each letter comes,
forms around my mouth,
where I might taste it.

And I shall etch it there,

your name,

etch it
there upon the oak
and wait for it to age.


Promise (from Opium Valentines)

I wrote your name on
ancient bark;
tasted the salt

on my tongue,
- drank your waves.

here you lie,

 - pressed
within this book

- as these fingers
that have lost your

  - as the faded

A promise
you carved it out
of wood.

I traced each word
until these splintered
fingers bled.



She Sleeps (from Opium Valentines)



- the white cliffs haunt
my restless heart to listen,
to open once again these  
tired eyes. To feel the
gentle rush of nature freely  
lift her finger’s through  
my hair; embrace these
aching limbs and lay me  
down to earth’s pure
- hymn.

She sleeps,
and I beside her,
head upon the soft bent grass,  
her silken robes around
- my shoulders.

I immerse my eyes in her  
morning sun, drink the dew
from her hand.




Untitled (from Sacred Realm)

I shall not call thee by name.
No words shall be the division
of our oneness.

I shall keep you in the
silence of my soul.

For I have given names
to everything.

Have written from
your screed;
no voice my own,
all words, your making.

I shall call you silence.
The oneness, the depth
of ocean, the immortality
of skies.

And truth,
the purest vision
of my mirror’s eye.




Blessed Of Her Beauty (from Sacred Realm)

Think not

these lonesome hours
in darkness lost.

For I am not alone.

She lays her head upon
my pillow.

She scribes her words
in candlelight;
brings forth her love

Seclusion is my retreat
into the portal of her vision.

It is written in my soul,
upon these hands.

She, the blessing
to this torment,
bathes my fear
with light.

Reveals her prophecy,
within the breath of



The Giving (From Paradise)

your music
to the cavernous

depths of my deepest

me reckless
to the words of your
poet’s mouth.


my passion with your
brimming chalice.

Save me
from the throes
of my nocturnal

your music
to the cavernous
depths of my deepest

Relinquish me
to your sweet

For Your Hunger (from Paradise)


to your craving mouth

these words devoured
sink into your
hungered soul.

their silenced hymns
to your yearning

all sanctum of my
earthly plight
is sacrificed.

all words
…are yours.

The Dance (from Paradise)


Beneath my gown
your majestic eyes

until I am invisible.

Your will
my own
tempts the last
protectors of my
to lay their
at your feet.

in the towers
of this danger
your begging
leads me
into our lover’s

Until every inch
of our movement
has been discovered.

Mastered to its own


Paradise, the new poetry collection by Elise. (Please see Products page for more details)

Journey into the world of metaphysical romanticism and be absorbed and experience the depths and emotions of the deepest and most profound passions of the soul.


'Paradise' captures love eloquently, delicately, passionately. Within its pages Elise evokes tender and ravishing images. It is heartening to see a young poet like Elise, follow in the wake of our beloved poets - bringing us sighs and moments and visions to savour.

Carmen Willcox - Poet and author

Elise's style is heart stirring, in the subtlest sense of this. As familiar as I am with Sappho and the fragments of her poetry in ancient Aeolic Greek I can tell you with assurance that Sappho's very spirit seems to suffuse and illuminate Elise's poetry... which I would never say about any other modern, 21st. century poet!

Richard Vallance - Poet and editor of Sonetto Poesia Canada

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  • "Once in a while your, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Poetry gives us a fairy tale, your poetry is so beautiful, it keeps my fairy tale alive to be true!"
    So Beautiful
  • "As far as it goes, you are a gorgeous Romantic poet. I found connotations to your poems and the pre Raphaelite paintings, where the notion of Paradise and angels has been evoked."
    Roland Bastien
    Poet/ Artist/ Musician (Canada)