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Quotes The best way to describe Elise's poetic style is to compare it to the Pre-Raphaelites, who were a sort of bridge between the Romantics who preceded them and the Victorians who followed. The primary distinction between a poet like Christina Rosetti, as close a comparison I could find on such short notice, and Elise is that. Rosetti seldom wrote a poem that didn't rhyme and Elise seldom writes one that does. But the emphasis on sensuality through symbolism is evident in both. Quotes
Allen Taylor
poetry Chapbook Reviews (USA)

Quotes Once in a while your, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Poetry gives us a fairy tale, your poetry is so beautiful, it keeps my fairy tale alive to be true! Quotes
So Beautiful

Quotes As far as it goes, you are a gorgeous Romantic poet. I found connotations to your poems and the pre Raphaelite paintings, where the notion of Paradise and angels has been evoked. Quotes
Roland Bastien
Poet/ Artist/ Musician (Canada)

Quotes Good luck. You have powerful work and I know you will get the exposure.... Quotes
Maurice Oliver
editor Concelebratory Shoehorn Review (Ezine)

Quotes 'Paradise' captures love eloquently, delicately, passionately. Within its pages Elise evokes tender and ravishing images. It is heartening to see a young poet like Elise, follow in the wake of our beloved poets - bringing us sighs and moments and visions to savour. Quotes
Carmen Willcox
Poet and Author

Quotes Elise's style is heart stirring, in the subtlest sense of this. As familiar as I am with Sappho and the fragments of her poetry in ancient Aeolic Greek I can tell you with assurance that Sappho's very spirit seems to suffuse and illuminate Elise's poetry... which I would never say about any other modern, 21st. century poet! Quotes
Richard Vallance
Poet and editor of Sonnetto Poesia (Canada)