Poetry by Elise



I search for you
where they wait to be fed.
Through the emptiness
of a crowded square.

There are beggars in doorways,
actors in cafés.
I have seen their mouths
fill like starved refugees.

But I am not from that world.

I wait outside like Lazarus
for crumbs.



Is there something
there amongst
    the dust
that could bring you back?

something un-missed,
face to face, eyes
to longing eyes -

which could have
foretold by chance
that place your
beauty holds

or is it in desperation
to your
I find myself so

Is this
the way roses bend
before the pierce
of thorn?

Or is this the pain
as love
returns to dust.


The Score


I read your score in the lamp light
of a cold winter's evening, when the fire
is warm and I am comfortable with myself.

It is easy to reach your thoughts in this mood.
A hint of remorse, a shade of regret, a soul

Your voice in each note easing through
- like a tempo slowly shifting.
Your melody - some faded lament, inspires
this mind to question -

To find something in the shadows.
Something beyond the light. The crackle
of an open fire, the comfort of a warm room.

I keep you here upon this wheel, and
let your body flow - like a vinyl etched
and a needle drifting.